19 September 2014
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26 August 2014
Internet Marketing Tips

For the most part, reading tips on blogs is a waste of time. That’s my main tip if you’re new to Silicon Valley: beware the trap of thinking reading about work is working. It can consume you.

But if you’re at an impasse and need some specific tasks you can perform now to help your website or app get more attention, here you go:

- 16 Explosive Content Promotion Strategies. This is pure gold, similar to the SlideShare on What to Love & Leave in SEO in 2014 & Beyond. Writing is marketing, but people have to read what you write. So you need actionable ideas for how to get people to share your writing.

The Pros, Cons and Costs of the Top Ten Content Distribution Platforms. Related to the above link, sometimes you need traffic today, not a month from now. When I ran media buying for DoubleUp, some our best converting traffic came from Taboola. Yes, those clickbait articles that show up as suggested reading on your favorite sites. They’re there because they work. If you’re buying traffic, you’d be silly not to try it.

- 13 Killer Link Building Strategies. Robbie Richards is a helpful guy. SEO is a long-term game (think months or years, not weeks; SEO will not save a company on the brink), but if you add 1-5 new links to your site every week, you won’t spend too much time on it and you’ll be setting your site up for free traffic. This could mean passive income (or inbound leads) for you down the road.

- The Fastest & Easiest Way to Get Wikipedia Backlinks. This is the 14th link building strategy following on the above. Tasks like this have a low impact in the short-term, so be smart about how much time you allocate to them. But my advice is to do something like this—low commitment now, high potential value down the road—for 15-30 minutes a week. Think of it as a productive coffee break, nothing more. 

11 August 2014
What to Love & Leave in SEO in 2014 & Beyond